Welcome to Kijongo Bay

Welcome to tranquility. Coconut palms, the gentle lap of waves off the Indian Ocean, the silent stream of dhows travelling along routes as ancient as the tide. Kijongo Bay Beach Resort is the place you come to when you need to revive, recharge and simply relax. Enjoy the natural charm and hospitality of the Swahili people; indulge in the elegantly prepared and freshly caught seafood; and let time slip away. When you are ready to venture out, take a safari to the only coastal game park in Tanzania, Saadani National Park, or take a trip to Maziwe Island for snorkeling or scuba diving in the translucent turquoise waters.


Kijongo Bay Resort is located in Sange where little has penetrated the rhythms of village life.  The surrounding coastline remains unspoiled and awaits your personal discovery.


If crowds are not your thing, come and enjoy the remote and peaceful shores of Kijongo Bay. Wind, waves and the nocturnal cry of bush babies are the recurring sounds of the resort.


Combine fresh local ingredients with a fusion of Swahili, Asian and Mediterranean influences and a memorable food experience transpires. 


Inspired by the elegant yet simple design of Swahili architecture, our resort blends traditional wisdom and artistry with modern convenience.