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Butterfly found at Kijongo Bay Resort
Butterfly Life Cycle

A butterfly has a four stage life cycle, a process called metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a Greek word that basically translates to transformation or total change in shape. Butterflies, moths, flies, bees, and beetles all undergo a similar complete metamorphosis.

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Bushveld Purple Tip (Colotis ione)
Butterflies of Kijongo Bay Resort

July, is that time of year, when Kijongo Bay Resort gardens’ come alive with butterflies. So many different species are found in the gardens, that we are still counting and trying to identify them.

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Palm thrush at Kijongo Bay Resort
Dawn chorus and why birds sing?

When visiting Kijongo Bay Beach Resort, one of the things our guests often comment on, is our incredible dawn chorus. Having well established gardens, with most of our bushes and trees being indigenous, we attract a lot of birds to Kijongo. This dawn chorus can range between subtle to loud, starting just before sunrise, to around a half hour after the sun rises. Bird song is a thing of beauty from the...

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Spot-flanked barbet, sighted at Kijongo Bay Resort, Pangani, Tanzania
More Garden Birds

With the different seasons bringing different flowers and fruit, the birds in Kijongo's gardens are forever changing. Not only do we have our seasonal visitors, we also have our resident population of birds. The morning wake up call is special at Kijongo, with a cacophony of bird song, not a lot can beat that morning coffee accompanied by natures alarm clock. At the moment we will only post birds we are able...

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Little bee-eater (Merop pusillus) Kijongo Bay Resort
Bee-eaters of Kijongo Bay and surrounds

Bee-eaters are a vibrant species of bird that are found in a wide variety of terrains in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Guinea, and Southern Europe. They are a very colourful bird with slender bodies, long wings and often have long central tail feathers. The different types of bee-eaters found at Kijongo Bay Resort, are beautiful to observe, as they swoop across the pool, hawk from the bushes or are seen performing their...

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Elephant at Saadani National Park, Tanzania
Saadani Day Trip

Whilst visiting Kijongo Bay Resort, why not take a trip to Saadani National Park?

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