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Pentaceraster tuberclatus, a Tubarcle Starfish found in front of Kijongo Bay Resort, Pangani, Tanzania

Beachcombing in front of Kijongo Bay Resort, you never know what you might find. We came across quite a few brightly coloured starfish, and wanted to know more about these strange creatures, which we thought we would share with you.

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Sunbird at Kijongo Beach Resort eating a spider
Sunbird Diet

Did you know that sunbirds are omnivorous? A sunbirds' diet is made up primarily of nectar, around 95%. They will, however, sometimes eat fruit and arthropods (insects and spiders). Sunbirds need to feed almost continually during the day to meet their high metabolic needs..

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Sunbird drinking nectar
Pollinators at Kijongo

Pollen is how plants reproduce, as pollinators move from flower to flower, they deposit the collected pollen from flower to flower, basically allowing the plants to mate.

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Butterfly found at Kijongo Bay Resort
Butterfly Life Cycle

A butterfly has a four stage life cycle, a process called metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is a Greek word that basically translates to transformation or total change in shape. Butterflies, moths, flies, bees, and beetles all undergo a similar complete metamorphosis.

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Bushveld Purple Tip (Colotis ione)
Butterflies of Kijongo Bay Resort

July, is that time of year, when Kijongo Bay Resort gardens’ come alive with butterflies. So many different species are found in the gardens, that we are still counting and trying to identify them.

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Palm thrush at Kijongo Bay Resort
Dawn chorus and why birds sing?

When visiting Kijongo Bay Beach Resort, one of the things our guests often comment on, is our incredible dawn chorus. Having well established gardens, with most of our bushes and trees being indigenous, we attract a lot of birds to Kijongo. This dawn chorus can range between subtle to loud, starting just before sunrise, to around a half hour after the sun rises. Bird song is a thing of beauty from the...

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