Do Nothing

Kijongo Bay is the perfect place to turn off, tune out, and remember the small pleasures of life. Read a book, take a walk, sit by the fire, chat with friends and family, play games, and take daily naps on the daybed of your veranda. This is the place to slow down and recharge.

The daybed on your veranda is the ideal spot for an afternoon nap, a morning coffee, or a day-long retreat to finish that book you can't put down.  When you do leave your room, take a walk down the long, almost deserted, beach and breathe in the clean air and salt water while listening to the distant calls of the fishermen.  Visit the salt-pans for a relaxing drink as the sun sets behind the baobabs, or enjoy an evening of stories by the fire. There is no need to fill your schedule here, just sit back and let your spirit rejuvenate.