Kayak the magnificent Msangazi River or the Indian Ocean from Kijongo Bay. It's your choice, take the kayaks along the coast and discover the nearby Sange Island or fishing village of Kipumbwe or spend days finding your way along the channels of the calm and beautiful estuary of the Msangazi, only a few minutes walk from the hotel.

Kijongo Bay is surrounded by the magnificent tidal estuary of the Msangazi River. Explore this vast estuary in high or low tide for an experience you won't quickly forget. The estuary's mangrove forest is massive and diverse, with cathedrals of mangroves just waiting for you to discover. The quiet serenity of the mangroves as you slip through silently will take you to another time. If you're lucky you will surprise a Kingfisher, Egret or Fish Eagle as you drift close to their perch, completely unnoticed. When you've spent your energy navigating many of the seemingly endless channels of the estuary enjoy a sun-downer or picnic lunch ready and waiting for you along the riverside.  Or feel free to bring a packed-lunch and stop at one of the sand isles for some quick refreshment.  Fantastic fun for the whole family.

If you really love adventure, head to the estuary in the low-tide and portage through the mud!  A great way to find mud-skippers, fiddler crabs, or maybe even a nesting site. Back at the lodge, a quick swim in the ocean and you'll think you've visited the Red Sea for a health retreat!