Kijongo Bay Bird Life

Being close to the Msangazi River and a vast mangrove forest, Kijongo Bay Resort has a wide variety of birds that regularly visit our gardens.

Greater Flamingos visit Kijongo

Posted by Karl on Fri January 20, 2023 in Kijongo Bay Bird Life.

We had an unusual surprise one morning, right in front of Kigongo Bay Resort, a flock of greater flamingos, floating on the calm surface of the ocean.

A quick rub of the eyes and yes, they were still there.

Around 40 of these large bright pink birds were forming a raft in the bay.

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Sunbird Diet

Posted by Karl on Tue October 4, 2022 in Kijongo Bay Bird Life.

Did you know that sunbirds are omnivorous?

A sunbirds' diet is made up primarily of nectar, around 95%. They will, however, sometimes eat fruit and arthropods (insects and spiders).

Sunbirds need to feed almost continually during the day to meet their high metabolic needs..

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Dawn chorus and why birds sing?

Posted by Karl on Tue June 21, 2022 in Kijongo Bay Bird Life.

When visiting Kijongo Bay Beach Resort, one of the things our guests often comment on, is our incredible dawn chorus.

Having well established gardens, with most of our bushes and trees being indigenous, we attract a lot of birds to Kijongo. This dawn chorus can range between subtle to loud, starting just before sunrise, to around a half hour after the sun rises.

Bird song is a thing of beauty from the natural world.

A cacophony of natural singing talent.

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More Garden Birds

Posted by Karl on Sun April 3, 2022 in Kijongo Bay Bird Life.

With the different seasons bringing different flowers and fruit, the birds in Kijongo's gardens are forever changing. Not only do we have our seasonal visitors, we also have our resident population of birds.

The morning wake up call is special at Kijongo, with a cacophony of bird song, not a lot can beat that morning coffee accompanied by natures alarm clock.

At the moment we will only post birds we are able to get a photograph of. There are, however, quite a few birds that we still need to photograph to bring our list up to date. We are working at getting photos of the mannikins, the puffbacks, different sparrows and a couple of smaller raptors that have been spotted visiting the gardens.
As the beach makes up part of our extended garden, a really big challenge is to photograph the shore birds found in front of Kijongo.

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Bee-eaters of Kijongo Bay and surrounds

Posted by Karl on Fri March 4, 2022 in Kijongo Bay Bird Life.

Bee-eaters are a vibrant species of bird that are found in a wide variety of terrains in Africa, Asia, Australia, New Guinea, and Southern Europe.

They are a very colourful bird with slender bodies, long wings and often have long central tail feathers.

The different types of bee-eaters found at Kijongo Bay Resort, are beautiful to observe, as they swoop across the pool, hawk from the bushes or are seen performing their skillful acrobatics as they hunt on the wing.

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