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Birdlife on Msangazi River

Posted by Karl on Thu December 2, 2021 in Kijongo Bay Bird Life.

Common birds sighted on a Kijongo kayak trip or river cruise on the Msangazi River.

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Common Garden Bird Species

Posted by Karl on Wed November 10, 2021 in Kijongo Bay Bird Life.

With most of the plants, shrubs and trees at Kijongo Bay Beach Resort being indigenous, the bird life thrives in our gardens.

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How to Make Homemade Coconut Oil

Posted by Sally on Sun October 24, 2021 in Coconut Uses.

From the copra, at Kijongo Bay Resort, we produce our own virgin coconut oil, which we use for making home-made soap.

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Sunbirds at Kijongo Bay

Posted by Karl on Sat October 16, 2021 in Kijongo Bay Bird Life.

One of the outstanding features of Kijongo Bay Beach Resort is the profusion of sunbirds, drawn to the resort by the abundance of flowering trees and bushes in the gardens, surrounding the villas. The sunbirds can be heard chattering away from dawn to dusk, making a mixture of calls, varying from the dry raspy chirp of the Olive sunbird to a the seeu, seeu, seeu of the Collared sunbird.

However, it can sometimes be difficult to discern the different calls, between the sunbirds, due to the cacophony of their calls.

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Green Turtle Life Cycle

Posted by Sally on Mon August 23, 2021 in Green Turtle Happenings at Kijongo Bay.

If you turn back time, to around 110 million years ago, during the Cretaceous period, turtles had already begun to evolve.

And, since evolving, so long ago, turtles haven't changed much.

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